Fostering a Boston Terrier Dog

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So a family was giving Donut who is a seven year old Boston Terrier female up and we decided to open our home and foster her before we determine if we want to keep her with our family. She gets along very well with the kids and is already housebroken and has a great and loving personality. Porky who is our two year old male Boston Terrier wasn’t aggressive but did start getting a little rough with her as they started checking each other out and determining the pecking order.

Donut now makes our household a two Boston Terrier household for the first time since Gouda our first Boston Terrier had to be put to sleep in November 2009 for having violent seizures.

Here are some pictures of Donut joining the family (I think she will work out fine):

She has some funny behaviors like trying to nurse on your arm when you sit on the couch with her, she nuzzles her mouth in the inside of your elbow and you do have to keep reminding her not to do it. I haven’t seen a dog with this behavior before but have seen nursing instincts with cats. She also sits on command and is able to open doors with latches by herself by jumping up on the handle and pulling at the same time. I wound up sleeping downstairs on the couch last night while my wife and Porky slept in the bedroom upstairs while we got her acclimated to her new environment.

-Justin Germino

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