Tire Blowout Causes Wife Some Problems

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So my wife and I had split up our tasks the other evening and she had to drive from Casa Grande to the valley to do some business for her company Rock Along Productions, while I drove the kids downtown to take them to swim lessons. She called me 1/2 way into swim lessons that the rear passenger tire blew out on the I-10 going 75mph and she barely made it to the side of the road safely. It would have taken me almost an hour and a half to get to her position, so I suggested she call the roadside assistance.

Unfortunately road side assistance was at least an hour out but a nice bystander pulled off the freeway and changed her tire for her. It is always a decent thing when somebody does an act of kindness and there are far too few incidents where people lend a hand anymore. She and I were appreciative and thanks to a full sized spare my wife was able to get back to Casa Grande where we looked at local tire companies and finally decided to take our tires in.

This was the condition of the tire that blew out, scary stuff having this happen on a freeway:

Meanwhile, our car was 8 years old and the tires were at least 4-5 years old so we decided to replace all four tires since the tread was worn down on the other 3. Instead of 2 star rating tires we decided to get much higher quality tires with 100,000 mile warranty and lifespan.

Hopefully we won’t deal with tire blowouts for a while.

Thanks to the unknown dude who pulled over on the I-10 to help my wife and change her tire.

-Justin Germino

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