In Memory of Gouda our Boston Terrier

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Today we had to make the tough decision to put down our almost nine year old Boston Terrier named Gouda Emmenthaler Germino. He started having severe seizures for nearly four hours straight starting at three in the morning and had lost all sight and hearing and lost all coherence. We took him to the vet as soon as they opened and it was just best to put him out of his misery as he was clearly in pain and hurting. This has been a devastating day, especially for my wife since this was her dog. I bought this dog for her back in May 2001 as a gift and this was her first child and he has been such a loving member of our family, welcoming both of our children into this world without any jealousy at all.

Here is a small photo gallery in memory of Gouda our beloved Boston Terrier.

Fortunately, since we knew Gouda had been sick for a while on and off with pneumonia and a spinal stroke, we knew this day would come eventually. We had gotten another Boston Terrier named Porky in the beginning of the year who is only a 1 year old. So having a 2nd Boston Terrier helps ease the pain of losing our older one. One of the many reasons why two dogs are better than one in the family.

-Justin Germino

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