The Twilight Obession

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Twilight is especially popular in Arizona because the author Stephanie Meyer lives here in Arizona and even though my literary icon Stephen King has denounced Stephanie Meyer I think the Twilight series has its place in modern times.  Any book series that gets kids and teenagers to read is to be celebrated.  Literature itself has fallen so dramatically with younger adults and children that it is a welcome relief that books can still grab interest and become obsessions like wildfire.  With most vampire series being R rated and worse (Anne Rice anyone) it is good to see a series that fits with audiences in the younger preteen and teen years that can still touch the subject.

I myself enjoyed the first movie, I haven’t read the books only because I haven’t had the time not because I didn’t want to.  My wife must be one of the very few women on the planet who has no interest in seeing the Twilight: New Moon film, even when I asked her if she wanted to go see it together she made it clear she had no interest.

-Justin Germino

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