Youngest Child Started Preschool

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This was a milestone week in our household where my 4 year old started Preschool on Monday for half days, for 4 hours now the house is almost completely quiet with my wife working from downstairs while I work from my office upstairs. I miss the little one asking for another drink or snack and it is a feeling of “change” as both of my sons are old enough to spend hours away from the house in school scenario’s.

Both of us thought that preschool is a good way to introduce a child to the structure of traditional school with introductions to classes, and getting used to a setting around other children and learning. Our youngest had been wanting to go to school for a year because he wants to be just like his big brother and was so proud to have a backpack and lunch box to call his own.

My youngest may start Kindergarten in August too, but this was cut back to 1/2 days instead of full day Kindergarten like when my eldest attended a few years ago. Children grow up so fast and all you can do is make the most of the time you have before it is gone. I remember when both of my kids were toddlers barely able to walk, stumbling and crawling around the carpets. Where has the time gone?

-Justin Germino

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