Another Blogging Traffic Milestone

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Earlier this week my Technology Blog hit a milestone 1,100 unique visits in a single day which was the single largest so far, I normally have been bouncing between 600 – 1020 visits per day. I am slowly seeing the trend increase over the past two months since I switched to my new blog theme and opened my blog to being a multi author blog. Overall my blog is up around 100% more traffic over the same 30 day period a year ago. If I can continue this trend then my goal to reach 50k visitors per month should be able to be reached by the end of 2011.

I really enjoy blogging about technology, software, gadgets and doing game and application reviews are among my most favorite posts to do on  I also have taken more interest in doing video demonstrations for my YouTube Channel and have over 50 video’s uploaded so far.  Trying to add at least 1-2 a month but it takes more time to do a video tutorial than write a blog post for me.

With most of my blog traffic coming from search engines, I really can’t say a single article or referal site is my biggest traffic source, it is truly just a combination of over 1300+ articles and covering a wide range of topics that brings in a decent amount of search traffic.  I still have yet to see anything I have written go viral or be picked up by other sites, I am also hoping my site may eventually get indexed by as I have seen many smaller blogs have articles listed there.  I have no way of knowing how to get my blog indexed in Google News, but one criteria is that it has to be a multi author blog from what I read.

-Justin Germino


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