How Much Can You Make Writing for Associated Content?

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I was pondering that if I had never started my blogs and all I did was write content for how much money could I have made over the past two years with over 3,000 article submitted to AssociatedContent instead?  AssociatedContent offers me on average $2.50 – $3.00 for each article I submit for up front payment, so even if 50% of my articles qualified for upfront payment this would have been about $1,500 in up front payments plus probably an estimated $500 in performance payments over two years.  So lets say about $2,000 over two years would have been what I would make had I written exclusively for instead of blogging.

This isn’t bad considering there are no web hosting fees at all, and you don’t have to worry about plugins, SEO or much anything else.  You can still promote on your usual channels and I highly recommend sites like Helium and AssociatedContent if you want to get paid for freelance writing but don’t want the hassle and extra effort of hosting and running your own blogs.  That being said, I did make over $5,500 from my blogs over the same period of time which is a bit more than double and even with my hosting fee’s of $300 bucks and some advertising costs here and there, it is more profitable to run blogs though there is a lot more work than just writing articles when you run your own blog.

When sponsored blog opps dipped a little bit in October, I turned to Associated Content and wrote 4 articles for them each earning just over $3 in up front payments to bring in some extra dough.  I can churn out an article at about one in 15-20 minutes and I figure if I wrote and submitted four articles an hours and did 5 hours per week I could make about $240 per month just in up front payments from AssociatedContent.  Of course if I were to generate this much content for AssociatedContent I would not have any ability to generate content for my own blogs unfortunately, plus there is no guarantee every article will pay for up front.

Helium seems to offer better pay per performance, but lacks the free up front submission and payments as AssociatedContent.  Combining both networks and even using the same articles on one as the other can still yield some benefits, I suspect a very prolific writer could make in excess of $400 per month by leveraging both Helium and AssociatedContent by only writing about 20 hours per week.  If they did this full time and churned out 10-12 articles per day they might even be able to make a lot more.

This is a fairly good option to make some extra money for SAHD and SAHM who want to augment the family income a little bit without wanting to invest the time and effort into running your own website or blog.  Simply write articles and make some money from them its as simple as that.

Some others write content for sites like Hubpages, Redbubble and others but these are pure commission based on pageviews/affiliate sales and you don’t have the option to earn up front or win prizes for best article like you can with Helium or A/C.

-Justin Germino

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