My Littlest One Turns Four Today

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Today my youngest kid turns four years old and I can’t believe I am the father of a seven and four year old already.  Time really does fly when you have children and they grow faster than you can account for.  At four years old my youngest is every bit his brother isn’t.  Headstrong, stubborn, reckless and fearless he is a warrior at heart who loves to wrestle, fight, play Nerf Guns and adores all things Super Mario.  He is even watching the entire Super Mario Bros Show seasons on Hulu lately when his brother is in school.

We enjoy playing the Nintendo Wii together and my son loves Lego Indiana Jones and even loves the real movies with Indiana and the Crystal Skull being his favorite next to Temple of Doom.  We are waiting for the new Kirby’s Epic Yarn game to arrive from Gamefly which I know he is looking forward too.

For his birthday I got him a Wolverine game for the Leapster 2 (even though he wants a Didj like his brother), mostly he probably would want a Nintendo DS just to play Mario on it.  My sons mean the world to me and there is something special about each one.  I cherish the time I have with them and my youngest boy really is a different experience than raising my oldest, both love to play with their dad but their outlook on life and the world is so different and they each have their unique personalities.

Happy 4th Birthday to my youngest son,

-Justin Germino

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