Can Kids Learn Parents Lessons?

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More than anything I hope that I can instill some of my experience and advice on what mistakes not to make when they first become adults and start carving their way into this world. I intend to spend the next decade or so drilling lessons I have learned into their heads in the hopes they don’t repeat the same mistakes many of us have made or continue to make.

Such as not saving enough of your paycheck for emergencies or purchasing items on credit because you can afford the monthly payment. The lessons not only are financial ones, but life lessons as well. Though my wife and I have been together since we were teenagers and we married after I turned twenty one years of age we wouldn’t recommend anyone marrying at such a young age due to the difficulties you will likely encounter from not being mature enough or living on your own first.

Still, more lessons would be to make sure you do something that makes you happy above all else and to never give up, but try your hardest and keep on trying to do whatever you want.  Never let people tell you you can’t make it, or can’t do it.   Live life to the fullest and enjoy each day, don’t spent too much time dwelling on mistakes, failures which are just learning experiences but do spend some time learning so that you can improve and do better next time.

Never stop reading, never stop learning and never stop being kind, generous and as helpful as possible in life.  Set an example for how you want the world to be and you wish people would be and be that example.

If only I can instill this in my children so that they take a good portion of it and live by these rules they may have a better start on life as an adult than I had.

-Justin Germino

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