Write You Fools!

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Just write is the statement told over and over to those looking to increase readership, build blog audiences and gain ground in the Google SERP.  But is it enough to just keep on writing?


The truth is there are plenty of very talented writers and bloggers who have amazing content yet that content is seen by few audience members.  Writing is the most important thing, but unfortunately just writing online without engaging in social media these days will leave it highly unlikely you will reach a broad audience unless your content is very niche and SEO optimized.  I have seen specific how to fix printer articles rank year after year better than hundreds of other posts on my blog to prove the point about highly targeted article marketing being key to bringing readership.

If you are a blogger who is broad in subject and not related to niche that can capture and target keywords with lower competition then you have no choice but to make people KNOW YOU.  Write and engage, it is okay to take on the subjects and share your opinion even if a little controversial.  Beckon others to share feedback, challenge them to change your mind or share their experience and engage them on social media.

Hate Facebook or Love it, you can’t deny it’s audience and members are a high value driver to content, blogs and companies.  News is shared through Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn now more than ever and if you haven’t started building presence on those networks then you are going to be left in the SEO dust of years past.  Don’t just take on the topics of the day in the news, these articles become worthless fast and don’t age well. Write articles that are timeless and can be relevant 6 months or 2 years from now and these will have longevity

Write series of articles to help capture audience and redirect them to earlier segments in the series to build a following as well.  Write, Write, Write but you have to know not only how to write but who and what you are writing for.

Are you writing for yourself and don’t give a care if anyone finds the article, then just write whatever comes to mind.  Most of us are looking to build audience and write with purpose for the reader and for the query.  So my advice is write you fools, but write with a purpose.

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