Playing a Sylvari in Guild Wars 2

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My kids constantly want to roll up new characters in Guild Wars 2 and test them out, so I decided to test a Sylvari character on the weekend and am just still amazed at how beautiful the game looks and how much character customization there is with all the races.  For instance you can select the colors, ears, nose, hair and can make yourself look more like a Fungi, tree, leafy plant…etc.  Your ears can look like twigs, wrinkled leaves or buds.  The game has just amazing visuals and so much customization that unlike some other MMO’s you nearly never run into another character who has the exact same facial and body features as your character, you truly feel the uniqueness of each character in the game, I wish some of the NPC and character models walking around were more unique but this is how character model creation should have been done in The Secret World for example which as far too few character model options.


The game is still my favorite MMO of all time and the best game I have played in the past 6 months (granted I don’t play very many games, but having too much fun with this one).

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