Would You Hire Writers with Blogging.org

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So I am constantly looking for writers for DragonBlogger.com both writers who can become part of the staff and provide a constant rate of articles, but I also need sometimes writers who are available for ad-hoc jobs if I have a busy week at work and I can’t produce enough articles with my site staff.  http://blogging.org is something I am willing to try and see if I can get some quality content.


Unlike the many cheap services where you can buy articles for $1 – $3 which will no doubt be poor re-writes or be riddled with grammar and spelling errors, there seems to be a decent per article rate here on http://blogging.org/ which ranges from $5 per article for unproven writers to $40 per article for admin approved credited authors.  As with any service you have to look at the reviews and history behind the writers to determine if they deliver quality work.


It is like a Fiverr marketplace except with specific purpose of hiring people to write content for a flat per article rate which you can set and negotiate on each opportunity you create.

The service is still new, and you can see from the Top Rated writers that most have under 10 ratings so far.  With only 1 having 15 reviews at the time of this writing, the system needs far more usage, users and reviews to help add value to the reviews.


Unlike getting guest blogging articles from services like My Blog Guest, this allows you to specify exactly what type of article you want, what specific instructions you want to provide and set a keyword density minimum and maximum for your article.  You also don’t have to handle any author bio links or outbound links as you own the article.

Bottom line, there may be a need for a blogger outsource writing on occasion and this may be a tool to add to your arsenal to help get more quality content for your sites.  I am in the process of testing and purchasing a review as well as listed myself as client so I can do a more detailed review in the upcoming weeks.

Updated: January 24, 2013 — 8:00 am