Working with POS Systems

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You know its funny, almost every single store has to have some sort of retail pos systems. These systems are necessary for the restaurant industry. There is a whole field out there of people who sell, service, install and configure POS systems, which happens to be one area where I don’t have very much experience in at all.

A POS system (POS standing for Point of Sale) is a specialized computer/payment processing system which is geared toward the specific industry you are targeting. This system can keep track of all of your merchandise, scan it, price it, print bills…etc, or it can be used as in the restaurant industry to take orders, print up tickets for the kitchen, print your bill and process your payment. They can be very complicated and high end, or very simplistic and single purposed.

My wife has worked with POS systems much more than I have and she probably could talk about them better and describe the ones she has worked with in the restaurant industry. I just know that they are necessary and they make running a business more efficient.

-Justin Germino

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