Working At Home And Ergonomics

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I work from my house since I telecommute and spend 12 hours a day on average in my home office, most of it sitting on my keister. One of the most dreaded things I used to get was fatigue and soreness in my neck, eyes, back and thighs. This was because nothing I had setup was ergonomic and designed to keep my body at the most efficient and relaxing position.

Ergonomics can help reduce your fatigue, body stress and keep you more focused, it is especially important for people who have back and neck problems and have to see a Chiropractor often.

Make sure your computer desks are at a proper height, not too low, and not too high. You arms when resting on the desks should be just below shoulder level, about level with your upper chest.

Make sure your monitor is positioned so you are slightly looking straight ahead and up. Never have your head tilted down to look into your monitor, this is not proper position for your neck. You have to have the slight arch in your neck head slightly tilted up but not very much. Use a monitor stand, or if you have an LCD monitor most of them will adjust.

Make sure your chair is comfortable and sturdy, the chair is the most important. Don’t get a cheap foam chair, mine is completely mesh back and bottom to allow air flow and prevent discomfort from your body heat building up in your lower back and rump for too long.

Take breaks often, 5-10 minutes every hour or two, walk around to get a drink, or just walk to pump some blood. If you work from home as I do, I often will take a break and just do pushups or crunches just to burn some energy from sitting the last few hours.

-Justin Germino

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