Justin Germino First Podcast

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A couple of days ago I came the the decision to try and adding podcasting to at least one of my blogs.  This is to provide some audio updates and test the medium which is very popular and see if it enhances or detracts from my blog.  But one other additional goal is to better enhance my speaking and presenting abilities.  You see I am giving a presentation at Computer Associate’s CA World in Las Vegas on November 19th 2008.   This would be my first presentation to a room full of people and I am very nervous.  I am an expert on the topic but I am terrified of public speaking.

I think if I can get used to podcasting and presenting, it will help with my ability to publicly speak and present at CA World.  So I am giving it a shot, I have downloaded and installed the PodPress plugin for wordpress and use Audacity to create my audio files.  The LAME encoder allows you to export the audio as mp3 and then I uploaded it to wordpress.

Let me know what you think of my first attempt.

-Justin Germino

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