I Ate A Whole Coffee Cake In 2 Sittings

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I have so little resistance to good food it is amazing.  My wife made some coffee cake yesterday which the moment my olfactory senses caught the scent of cinnamon and pastry baking in the oven, my tongue was pouring buckets of saliva.  I barely was able to keep from running downstairs and burning my hands on the hot pan.

I shared it with my boys last night as a treat after dinner and scarfed down the rest tonight, sometimes I find myself never feeling full but eating food  until I am gorged.   Times like these I think sometimes I could use an appetite suppressant but I hang in there with willpower alone.

So I have to work out an extra ton over the next 3 days to compensate for eating so much coffee cake, but oooh, it was worth it.

-Justin Germino

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