I Hope There Still Are Good People In This World

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It seems more and more lately I have either witness first hand or have heard from my spouse or friends about the things people do lately that just seem plain wrong.  Either society is just more corrupt and morally bankrupt now than ever, or it was just much more hidden from the public and therefore not as widely put on display previously.

Examples of this are how people try to save a dollar at a local sandwich restaurant.  I mean I understand people are economically tight, but when you order something on the menu that costs $5, and you try to sub out meat for more expensive meat and expect the price to be the same $5 dollars, this is trying to milk the system.  Customer trying to order a club sandwich and saying, make it all roast beef instead, it cannot be called a club sandwich. Secondly, people will order food then eat 3/4 of it and complain something was wrong when they are at the last bite, then restaurant policies would refund or make a replacement.  Customer basically milks 2 meals for the price of one.

People who will report stolen items that they never owned to police after a house robbery, people who claim to do something that they have never done but witnessed someone else do so they can accurately describe and fool people to believe they did it.  Too many people take credit for someone else’s good deeds.

I genuinely believe in my core I am a good, kind hearted person.  I try to live that way, I try to be an optimist and see the glass as half full and try to see the good in all people and not judge a book by its cover.  However, I am guilty of my own personal bad behaviors, rudeness at times, lying, occasional theft (like you haven’t stolen office supplies).

To keep my spirits up and my attitude positive, I have taken a new policy before bed every night.  I started this a few months ago.  Before going to sleep I try and reflect and thing of at least 3 things positive in my life that happened that day.  I want my last thoughts before sleep to be of some good things that happened, something pleasant.  Simple stuff like my son telling me how much he loves playing with me, or seeing my wife smile when I tell a joke.

Sometimes it helps me have good dreams and wake up in a better spirit, other times it doesn’t seem to help much, but I still like reflecting.

Just some of my insight.

-Justin Germino

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