There Should Be Harsher Penalties for Un-insured Drivers

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Arizona is a state which requires drivers to own car insurance, I don’t know if all 50 states have this requirement but I honestly think it is a good requirement. It protects accident victims so they get compensated when the other driver is at fault. However there is a flaw in the system. I was driving my car in Tempe a few years ago and was rear ended by a young woman, we pulled into a plaza and waited for police to arrive. They did arrive on the scene and the lady who rear ended me did not have any insurance or registration for her vehicle, they just wrote her a ticket and let her drive away without any insurance or registration.

I had to file a claim with my insurance company and pay a $500 deductible to get my car repaired which sat in a shop for 3-4 weeks. Out $500 plus the inconvenience of not having my car for a month all because the other driver was not insured. They say that insurance companies try to contact the other party and you will receive compensation if your insurance can collect, but five years later that hasn’t happened.

The police should not let an uninsured driver just drive away from the scene of an accident without providing all of that persons information to the other party.  I would have potentially filed a lawsuit or pursued litigation since the other driver was uninsured.

I am actually a strong advocate of every Driver must have insurance, it isn’t protection for the driver as much as it is for potential victims of an accident. It does protect the driver as well if you are injured in your own accident, but it protects both parties.

-Justin Germino

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