Work, Weekend, Repeat

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I feel like I am living the movie groundhog day sometimes, I work all week barely able to keep up with all my projects and make progress as new ones come in, only to spend my two free weekend days working around the house and come and go so quickly. Then its back to the work grind all over again after barely having enough time to catch my breath. Many people live this same way and I think the only way to truly break up the monotony of this cycle is to do something unique every second or third weekend.

Try to break out of the normal routine and mix in something different, whether it would be taking the family to the lake or park (in cooler area’s than Phoenix) or going to a museum, movie, or something else. Savor your Saturday for a family activity and do all your chores on Sunday, or vice versa so that you can at least spend one meaningful day as a fun and relaxing family day. Of course sometimes I wish I could just sleep on Saturday’s or Sundays, but with two kids under six years old sleep is something I have been lacking for half a decade now.

-Justin Germino

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