Top Ten Emerging Influental Bloggers

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I was told about a unique blog competition where Ms. Janette Toral is in search for the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2009.

To qualify the blogs must be created on or after May 2008 and are exerting a certain influence in the blogosphere. Nominated blogs could win cash prizes of $100 each and also 10 writing projects can win $100 each. The rules of the contest are here.

Ten blogs will be chosen based on the blogs with the most votes.

I have actually gone through the contest and several other people’s posts and read about casually perused twenty two blogger who were nominated from various people,these people I would list as the top ten emerging influential bloggers based on their blog topics, styles and how friendly and personable the blog owners are.

1. Jena Isle Online – by Jena Isle

JenaIsle has become a twitter follower and friend and consistently plays my twitter poetry game with enthusiasm almost every weekday.   Her blog provides excellent advice, articles, recommendations to people in a wide variety of topics, but she gets my #1 spot as she helped me network with most of the bloggers on the below list and got me involved with the Jedi Circle.

2. Zorlone – by Zorlone

I first came in contact with Zorlone by competing with him in the PlotDog Writers Offering Our Finest (WOOF) contest, and he is a great guy, fellow poet and provides some great competition.  We have mutual respect for each others creative writing styles and I always enjoy reading and recommending his creative works, he is also one of the friendliest guys I have ever met on twitter.

3. The Struggling Blogger by Roy

I run across many of Roy’s blogs via entrecard and other networks, but this blog is valuable as it is specific to helping bloggers blog, and has many of the same goals as my own

.Writing to Exhaleby Jan

Jan is another super friendly guy running a blog that is around a year old, he is very talented with his creative writing and is someone who I enjoy connecting with on Twitter.

The remainder of the people on this blog I don’t know as well, having only been in communication with the occasional comment or so and entrecard visit for those who use it, but they would be my top picks based on what I found on their blogs.

5. A Walk in the Dark by Luke
6. Tales From the Mom Side by Dee

7. Father Blogger Dot Com by Angel
8. It’s all a Matter of Perspective: Mine – by- Holly Jahangiri
9. LifeLots by Irene
10. I Love/Hate America by Bing

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