My Ideal Cruise Vacation

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With my upcoming cruise looming next month in August, my wife and I were talking about next year’s vacation and how we were looking at some Caribbean cruises. My wife and I have taken a Carnival cruise back in 2007, it was a Mexican Riviera Cruise and we enjoyed not only the destinations and excursions, but we enjoyed just how many great activities, shows and things to do there were aboard the ship.
carnivalCruises are definitely in many ways a cheaper and better experience than just flying to a destination and getting your own hotel. These include the all inclusive meals, entertainment, drinks (not alcoholic..bummer) and other services and activities. The price per day is actually much lower than if you travel alone even if you upgrade your stateroom to an oceanside room with a balcony.

nassauMy wife and I definitely want to visit the Bahama’s or Grand Cayman islands next year, and are positive that we will be planning the trip assuming budgeting allows it. That would be our ideal cruise vacation and we are hoping to make it a reality next year. It is a 16 hour flight from Phoenix to the Grand Cayman islands, so the cost of the airfare is almost more than the cruise itself.

-Justin Germino

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