Unstoppable Mutant Rats

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I was reading Popular Science magazine last night and they had an article talking about how sixty years of killing rats with various rat poisons is evolving the creatures so that they are becoming immune to various rat poisons.  These genetic mutations are happening extremely quickly in the grand scheme of the evolutionary chain but these mutations pale in comparison to how fast bacteria and virus mutate and evolve to become drug resistant.  One of the primary reasons for bacteria drug resistance is not in fact caused by humans using antibiotics, but it is because antibiotics are given to animals in large mills and farms and the bacteria are only partially killed and grow and fester and mutate to become stronger strains.

Looks like to keep rats at bay, people should have good old fashioned house cats on their sites, or will have to start resorting to manual traps again with bait, toxins and poisons are dangerous to use around sites with pets and children anyway.

-Justin Germino

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