Pets Are Our Family

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If you don’t believe that pets are part of our family then you are still in denial the amount of impact pets have on our lives. With people not only celebrating pets birthdays by throwing parties, they also print up and send out announcements similar to couples sending out birth announcements to let their friends and family know that they are celebrating a new member of their family.

Pets relieve stress and help foster empathy in both children and adults, it is proven that pets help reduce allergies in babies and toddlers as they develop stronger immune systems from being around pets. They provide playtime companions for kids, or some even provide relaxing ambient sounds (in the case of certain birds).

As pets are a member of your family and people continue to treat them as such, we will see more and more products and services geared toward pets. I have seen more restaurants over the years allow you to bring your pet and eat on the patio with your pet on a leash, in addition there are bakeries and dessert establishments that make pet treats.

Always remember though that a pet is still an animal and poses some risks to the family, research the type of pet you want very carefully, you should not have large constrictor snakes or other dangerous pets if you have children. Pets also need to be supervised around little children as even the most friendly pet can be scared, frightened or accidentally injured by a little kid and may bite to defend itself.

I still find some people ignorant and treat their pets so poorly, leaving them outside in the summer heat all day long and abandoning them for long periods of time. Some people still treat pets like they don’t deserve the same affection, love and emotions as family members, and some can be downright cruel.

-Justin Germino

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