Wii Game Review: Super Mario Galaxy 2

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Last week I purchased Super Mario Galaxy 2 as my three year old is a huge fan of all Mario related games for the Nintendo Wii. The most noticeable new feature of Super Mario Galaxy 2 is the expanded features of the “Helper Hand” by the second player, the player no longer can trigger jumps or trip up Player 1, but instead functions as a full assistance in SMG2. The Helper hand can shoot stars, stun and even destroy enemies in the second Mario Galaxy game as well as collect stars.

While I wish there was a true two player element of Super Mario Galaxy 2 (split screen top bottom where Mario and Luigi can explore the same world at the same time and have to meetup at the same star to shoot to other worlds) the planetoids themselves are a little too small to support two characters running around at the same time. The game has the same level of graphics and gameplay as the original but new creative worlds and costumes are available for Mario to pick up.

The fact that you are just as amazed with the gravity effects, smooth responsive controls and sense of wonder and creativity with the second Mario Galaxy game as you were with the first is a tribute to how brilliant the game designers truly are. Seriously, Metacritic has SMG2 rated at 97 with 82 Critic Reviews, and may of the gaming review giants in the industry like IGN, OneUp and GameSpot all gave Super Mario Galaxy 2 “100” score the highest rating ever!

Clearly Nintendo continues to do the right thing when it comes to releasing games with their flagship characters, and this is one game that my three year old loves to play (and watch me play constantly). You would not go wrong purchasing this game and if you haven’t played the original you are missing out on two of the best Nintendo Wii games that exist right now.

-Justin Germino

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