On The Border Spicy Salad Leaves Me Burning

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I was eating at On The Border in Awhatukee the other day and had an unusual encounter with one of their light and healthy salads called the citrus chipotle chicken salad. I have always enjoyed eating at On the Border Mexican restaurant and typically my favorite dish there is the Dos Equis Fish Taco’s but for some reason I felt like something lighter due to the fact that it was over a hundred and fifteen degrees outside.

My family started dining on the chips and salsa which is not overly spicy but does at a little bit of heat as you eat more of it. When the salad finally arrived I dove right in and noted that other than the mango dressing which was a little tangy, the salad itself was a little more bland than I expected.

After eating about three quarters of my salad I my mouth was still on fire from the salsa of the chips and I commented that the salsa must be really strong today. I normally don’t eat spicy food and my stomach just cannot take spicy cuisine like it could in my youth, I have horrible stomach pains, intestinal pains and whatnot if I eat foods that are just to rich in spicy peppers and the like.

By the time I finished the salad my mouth was on fire, salivating, drinking Diet Coke like crazy I just couldn’t figure out why my mouth wouldn’t cool down. It wasnt until I inspected my salad more closely that I realized there were tiny diced pieces of Jalapeno peppers littered all over the plate and hidden in the lettuce!

There was no mention of Jalapeno’s in the entree description nor a spicy symbol or warning like they have in Chinese restaurants. I was literally burning from the mouth to my wounded stomach. Fortunately, the waitress was so very friendly that she spoke to her manager and they actually took the salad off my bill saying “Nobody should have to pay for a dish that hurt them” and I greatly appreciate it. I wasn’t even asking for my bill to be comped I just thought they should rememeber to update people that it is spicy next time.

So I won’t be eating the spicy citrus chipotle chicken salad at On The Border again, however the service was superb and the fact that they took it off my bill because I didn’t like it (even after I ate it) I don’t hold the salad against such a fine restaurant. As I said the Dos Equis Fish Taco’s are amazing, and they do have good Chips and Salsa and I did have the the big bordurrito with fajita steak which is fantastic.

If you live in Arizona and have not eaten at On The Borders yet, you should.

Ahwatukee-OTB LLC
5005 E. Ray Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85044-6407
Phone: 480-705-5454

-Justin Germino

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