My Love of the Keurig Coffee Machine

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For Father’s Day my wife had bought me a Keurig Coffee Machine because I had told her how much I liked the one at my office.  The ability to brew just a single cup of coffee as you need it without wasting a whole pot was just too clever of an idea.  I wasn’t a heavy coffee drinker previously, but since purchasing the Keurig Coffee Machine I drink about two cups of coffee per day on average.  The machine just makes it far too convienent to quickly brew up a batch and just drink.

What also is amazing is the amount of Keurig K-Cups you can find now that come in all sorts of flavored coffees.  I haven’t been a big fan of black bitter coffee, and find myself drawn to the Hazelnut, Pecan, French Vanilla or other roasts that have flavoring mixed in with the blend.  Walmart and Fry’s Marketplace here don’t have a very good selection of K-Cups but I found a great selection at Bed Bath & Beyond and was able to pick up Caribou Coffee, Cinnamon Roll flavored Coffee from Donut House, and even some Green Tea K-Cups.

If you like drinking the occasional cup of coffee, I highly recommend you look into the Keurig Coffee Machine, there is a reason why they have become so popular and simply pouring in one cup of water to get a perfect brewed cup of coffee is one of the easiest and best things about this device.

There are also dozens of flavors you can find on including my favorite two flavors including Green Mountain Southern Pecan and Rain Forest Nut.

-Justin Germino

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