Natural Enemies Can Become Friends

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So I was watching National Geographic the other day about unusual animal friendships and they showcased this older clip from 1999 about a Kitten and Crow who had become friends for four years together. The cat and crow would play with each other, taunt each other and pal around the yard of this family home. It totally baffled crow experts at the time on how two species so vastly different and opposed (since cats can eat baby crows) would somehow make a connection that causes them to enjoy each others company and interact like they truly had a friendship. If you somehow haven’t seen this YouTube Video which has more than 6 million views, then watch this you won’t believe your eyes how this Kitten and Crow interact with each other:

This had me thinking that under the right conditions even animals in the animal world can befriend and “care” about each other enough to refrain from the instinctual urge to kill each other. I have seen a Lion befriend a Deer (must have never starved) and other animals that would befriend completely different species. I have seen dogs and cats befriend each other where both were raised since puppies and kittens in the same household, but never saw the odd variety of wild animals become friends I have seen in this show.

It makes you wonder why a species like Humans as advanced as we are can’t put aside cultural and ideological differences and be friends without ignorance, bigotry and hatred running rampant in this world.

There just isn’t enough friendship in life, treasure your friends no matter what race or species they are and open your mind to accepting anyone as a friend.

-Justin Germino

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