White Collar: A Great New TV Show

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My wife and I decided to try the new USA Network show White Collar and were instantly hooked by the FBI/Criminal drama within the first fifteen minutes. This show has style and class, instead of focusing on murders and grisly criminals, instead this show focuses on the White Collar crimes (Art thieves, frauds, con men and more). The star of the show is Matt Bomer as “Neil Caffrey” a con man and art thief who was busted by his FBI rival Peter Burke played by Tim DeKay for forgery and sentenced to four years in prison.

Four months prior to being released Neil Caffrey breaks out of a maximum security prison to investigate the disappearance of his girlfriend who stopped seeing him four months ago after breaking it off. Neil is convinced she is being coerced and she was trying to leave him clues. Meanwhile, Peter catches him again and he gets sentenced to four more years in prison for escaping, but instead of serving time behind bars, Neil offers his services to help Peter catch white collar criminals the FBI is hunting.

The sharp dialogue and classy stylishness of Neil is what draws you into the show, he has the suave, charisma and confidence of someone who is an expert at what he does and this pairs well with the tight, sharp and short fused Peter who has to constantly monitor him. This show is rich and entertaining and is one of the best new shows on network TV I have seen, check out a trailer here:

-Justin Germino

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