High School Memories – Rough Times

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I was a bright kid and student growing up and somewhere along the way I made poor decisions that started in high school. I was a straight A student through grade school and even did both 7th and 8th grade in the same year in an accelerated program. As a result I was one of the youngest if not the youngest kids in my high school, heck I was the only 14 year old Senior in high school.

Due to hormones, genetics and normal teenage issues I did have acne problems that did always bother me, I tried nearly every all natural acne treatments that were available at the time but nothing worked. I even had my chiropractor one time tell me that urinating on a rag and holding the uric acid to your skin was a treatment, but I can honestly say I never did test out that potential treatment.

During my high school years I loved to play Dungeons and Dragons on lunch breaks, but my high school was rough. I was good in academics, but was not a very good physical athlete. Due to bullying and other issues with kids older than me, I wound up skipping classes (mostly PE classes) and eventually skipping school altogether when it became one daily physical battle after another.

I would up repeating Senior Year twice, only because I was not able to get enough Gym credits to graduate, finally when I was 17 I could take it no longer and just voluntarily took the GED to test out of High School altogether. Had I had the benefit of going to a Charter School or Private School I probably would have graduated high school when I was 15.

This is one of the many memories that I use to help make sure my own kids don’t suffer the same fates, go through the same struggles that I went through. My sons will be enrolled in smaller Charter Schools which focus on academics and have much smaller controlled classes, my oldest boy right now attends Legacy Charter Schools in Casa Grande and is doing 2nd grade math in first grade. He learns 30 new words a week and is already proving to be very smart and have enthusiasm for science, biology, and reading (if the stories interest him).

My message here is simple, make sure your kids have a comfortable and safe environment when they go to school. Most of the times as a kid I told my parents nothing, they didn’t even realize the bad days I had, the fights I had gotten into. It is important that parents have better open communication with their children and are open with them about these things.

-Justin Germino

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