November Here I Come

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The first day of November and I can’t believe there is only two months left in the year.  In two weeks the radio station called 99.9 KEZ here in Arizona will start playing Christmas Music around the clock already, there are only 4 paydays left until Christmas if you get paid biweekly and October closed out my 14th month as a blogger.

I have some vacation time coming at the end of November and December and will enjoy spending more time with the family during the Holidays.  I will also be looking forward to the awesome Thanksgiving Meal that my wife creates every year, she is so talented in the culinary arts and comes up with some of the most splendid creations.

Today is a day of relaxation and recovery after being out until 3am helping with the Rock Along Productions Halloween Metal Mayhem last night, I am exhausted and need rest.

-Justin Germino

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