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When I need information or support from a company, unless my online is actually under an outage I would prefer to find my support online than make a phone call and talk to somebody directly. This is were live chat software comes in, and it is more convenient for me to chat with someone on a company support site and get my questions answered or solve an issue than it is to talk to somebody over the phone.

Add the fact that with many calling centers outsourced to China, India you sometimes can have a communication barrier when speaking with people over the phone due to accents and other factors which may cause misinterpretation or understanding issues. Support Site Chat software gives users the ability to speak with somebody live without having to make a phone call or worry about hours of operation and is one of the many benefits I have seen out of company support sites in recent years.

I have received particularly excellent live support from HP, Dell and some other computer companies who were able to not only answer questions, but open tickets and send out replacement parts all from a live chat support request.

-Justin Germino

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