Crafting the Ferrari of Blogs

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Starting and maintaining your own hosted blog really takes an amazing amount of dedication and a wide range of knowledge and specialty. You often will delve into learning a bit about:

  • WordPress
  • HTML
  • PHP
  • Graphic Design (to tweak your own headers and logos)
  • Journalism and Writing
  • Social Media
  • SEO
  • Analytics
  • Quality Assurance (for testing and QA browsers and various experimental themes and styles)

When thinking about putting together a blog you need to envision it like you are building a custom Ferrari, you wouldn’t just slap together any used parts or pieces, you would only use high quality Ferrari parts in your car. Your blog is the same way, you have to be choosy about the theme, header styles, fonts and layout.

You also have to be choosy about the quality of your posts, be extra diligent to write legibly and articulate your points well. Make sure you check grammar and spelling and proof read often before you publish a post live to the world. Do your research and use the highest quality keywords and tags for your post that you can, write your excerpt to be as close to 160 characters as possible but make sure you put in all the key information in that summary.

If you are serious about blogging you can’t give it 50%, you have to give it 110% and put as much into your blog as you hope to get out of it. This is what continues to motivate me to blog and drives me each week to continue blogging. I don’t get discouraged when my earnings drop one month and pick up the next, I don’t get discouraged when I learn other bloggers are making 10x what I am earning per month. I get driven to tweak, improve and optimize my methods, tactics and blog in whatever ways I can.

-Justin Germino

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