Upgrading My Sons Computer Soon

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My son needs a new computer and this is clear by the fact that he is playing more advanced games now that his older computer just cannot play due to lack of processing speed and weak video card. So in the next year I will be shopping around for laptop deals and desktops to find the best option for him.

I have been meaning to upgrade my computer and may just buy a case and build him a computer with my former Motherboard, CPU, RAM and Video Card which would make his computer 100x as powerful as it is today. This may be a cheaper option for me in the short run, since I would be getting a more powerful computer for myself and for him in the same upgrade.

So I save up my blog money now to buy a new combo of computer equipment, which includes

New Motherboard
New Video Card

I can salvage all my disk drives, SoundCard, DVD Burner, Case, Power Supply and etc, so I figure for the price/power I am looking for will need about $500 to get a powerful gaming rig.

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