What Is A Loquat Tree?

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I had never even heard of Loquat trees was just something that never crossed my path before, so I decided to do some research to solve my curiousity. Apparently a Loquat is a fruit native to Southeastern China, Though they are well tolerated and planted in other parts of the world and can be grown in California quite well apparently.

The fruit is an orange yellow color and unlike most other fruit tree’s it ripens in the fall/winter rather than the spring. Apparently it is related to the apple but from the pictures I have seen it looks like an oval orange or lemon. It is also used as an ornamental tree.

So now I know what a Loquat Tree is, and since I researched it I won’t soon forget.

Funny how when you don’t know what something is, some people are driven to research it until they found out. I mean previously in the “olden days” you had to ask people or go to the library and find a book. Now you can just Google or Wiki anything and have your answers.

God Bless Technology

-Justin Germino

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