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I have often wondered while Entrecard dropping about all of the (mostly mom’s) who write blogs about their children’s lives from babies to toddlers and as they grow up through the years.  I think its funny how some blogs post photo’s of kids either in a bath tub, or covered in mud, or in some other embarassing situation.  If these blogs live on for years, what end of embarassment will kids have as their friends and other kids from school search for their names on Google only to find out all the embarassing stuff about them as a young kid that was posted publicly.

Now most people honestly post their lives and everything that is going on which is totally cool, but I question posting things that may embarrass your kids later in life.  Socializing is hard enough, you don’t need to make bullseye targets out of them on the web.  Fortunately most people use only first names, but it isn’t hard to find people these days.  This is why I may mention my kids and something they have done, but I won’t post pictures of my family or kids on my blog.  I don’t even reveal their names, because my personal blog is about me and my struggles, but I don’t want to expose the rest of my family anymore than I have to to tell my adventures and stories in life.

After all, I chose to share this information about myself publicly they didn’t.

Just one of my thoughts and insights, you may or may not agree.

-Justin Germino

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