Getting A Pedicure

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So my wife and I have a creative thing going to keep our relationship fresh. We alternate taking each other out on dates. Last night we go out for Mexican & Manicures. More accurately I got a pedicure while she got both a manicure and pedicure. We went to her favorite place on Pinal Ave called Villago Nails, and I was looking forward to doing something unique (for me anyway) again. I had gotten 1 pedicure before on a cruise back in December 2007 so it had been a while.

I don’t know if it is like this for everyone, but getting a 20 minute pedicure is like some strange torture. There is a mixture of tickling, pinching, scratching, grinding and rubbing as they trim nails, dead skin, massage feet and calves.  I am also a little ticklish and could barely keep from squirming while the lady was buffing my heels and filing my toenails. Grins, chuckles and the occasional cough got me through it.

My pedicure was finished in twenty minutes but she had another two hours to go with a full set being done on her fingers, so I moseyed over to Fry’s grocery store and bought some energy drinks, AMP was on sale $1 per can, and some banana’s, chocolate, strawberries and a dozen pink roses for my lady.  There was a man in the store wearing a beanie who looked at me kind of funny because all I had was fruit, chocolate and flowers in my basket at one point.

In the end my feet feel nourished and softer than any mans feet should feel. My toe nails actually look nice with their clear polish and I am feeling in touch with my feminine side now.

Thought this would be a funny story to share with everyone.

-Justin Germino

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