Sacrifice, we all do it

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What do you sacrifice?

We all sacrifice something every day of our lives, whether it be time, money, or something tangible.  I find that my own sacrifices mostly involve time and sleep, I work far too much and sleep far to little as of late.

I sacrifice my sleep and my free time in the hopes that I can really start jumpstarting my blogging to reach the next level.  I have been plateaued for almost nine months now and haven’t seen enough growth in both traffic and monetary terms so I have to make more effort and spend more time in trying to expand my online influence.

I only sacrifice these things because I actually still enjoy blogging, the moment I cease to enjoy it I would stop and let my blogs idle until I felt like doing it again.  My wife always hated my competitive nature in games and this same nature to achieve perfection in anything I do is what drives me constantly.  Because blogging is something that you can get a return based on how much you put into it, I feel that the more that I put in the more that I will get out of it in the long run.

It is exhausting sometimes, because my blogs take a backseat to my day job (rightfully, they should).  So on weeks where I am busy at work I just let my blogs sit until the weekends and I can play catch up.

I kick myself for not starting blogging back in 2003/2004 like most bloggers who wish they started earlier.  I was always in the IT industry and worked for more than 11 years in the web server/Internet space and for some reason only stumbled onto blogging in the middle of 2008.  Ironic considering I always enjoyed writing and wanted to be a novelist when I was a kid.

The fact that over 30,000 unique people visit my combined 3 blogs per month amazes me, and to think that more than 1 million people have visited my sites in the two years they have been live is even more astounding.  Now if only I can figure out how to refine and focus my energies and improve efficiency and productivity without sacrificing more time.

Who else sacrifices something for their work, hobbies or passions?

-Justin Germino

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