Increased Share in Amazon Affiliate Program

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Back in early July I had decided to try and step up my Amazon affiliate program to see if I could make earning from Amazon an added source of income for my blogs.  I primarily decided to test with my personal blog (this blog) experimenting with reviewing and talking about various products and listing a banner in the right hand bar.

Amazon Affiliate starts out by giving affiliates a 4% commission rate, which you would think is low compared to some individual affiliate programs that offer 20 – 50% on individual products, but this is actually high compared to some other online retailer commissions like NewEgg with a default 2% commission rate.


One thing I did like about affiliate is that you can increase your commission % based on the number of sales you make.  In less than 2 months of experimenting, I managed to make a total of 10 sales and boost my commission up to 6%.  Another 23 sales and it will go up to 6.5% (I don’t know how high it can go, I haven’t researched it).

One thing about using Amazon Affiliate is that there are so many products to choose from, plus you can just install best deal widgets and set them like banner ads and earn from affiliate commissions.

What makes Affiliate program interesting is that I haven’t sold a single affiliate product I specifically endorsed or promoted.  All of my commissions were from products I didn’t even know about or talk about. sets a cookie on anyone who clicks the banner or link from your site, and if they order anything on while that cookie sits in their browser you get the commission from the sale. 

While $9.14 may not seem like much bragging, it is more than I earn from SponsoredTweets and MyLikes combined in a month lately and it is only from hosting a single Banner ad for on my sidebar and doing the occasional post with an Amazon link or ad at the bottom of it.

-Justin Germino

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