Has it Been Two Years of Blogging Already?

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I wrote my two year anniversary post on my Technology Blog yesterday and I found it hard to believe that I have now reached 24 months since I started blogging.  It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago that I started to branch out online and start writing, and writing and writing.

In fact, I have written so much varied content that I can’t keep track of it except by visiting my own sitemap on my sites.  I wrote over 1100+articles for DragonBlogger.com, over 780+ original poems & haikus for Wanderer Thoughts Poetry and another 875+ posts for JustinGermino.com.  This doesn’t include the 200+ articles/poems/haiku’s for AssociatedContent and about 25 guest blogging articles on varied sites like FamousBloggers.net, BlazingMinds, and BloggerTalk.net and Evoire.

I enjoy writing and especially writing about what I learn and the things I know, I have always been an enthusiast for technology, Internet and all aspects of computers and it comes out naturally in the things that I write about.  Blogging is my expression and something I will continue to do until I grow weary of it and don’t enjoy doing it.  I don’t see that happening in the near future, and even if I stopped I would still maintain my blogs just to keep them in circulation and online presence in case I wanted to start again at a future date.

I envy the bloggers who have stuck it out 4, 5 or 6 years in the industry and still blog as hard today as they did when they first started.  Blogging can be exhausting and your commitment to this enterprise can be taxing if you let it.  Remember to take it one piece at a time and set clear goals so can be as efficient as possible.  It is too easy to lose time to social media or other online avenues and not dedicate that time to building your blog by writing quality content.

-Justin Germino

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