Weight Loss Comes Through Hard Work

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There are some diet pills that do help you lose weight and fairly quickly, but if you rely solely on diet pills to lose weight, you will not treat the source of the problem and when you stop taking the diet pills, you will inevitably end up back with the same problem in the future.

Diet pills are only really meant to be an augmented supplement to a bigger solution, and that involves cutting down on calorie intake and exercising regularly. Ultimately you need to trim your calories back to only what your body uses which will keep you at consistent weight levels, to lose weight you need to cut back slightly under what your body needs to break even, so that your body will start using the fat reserves in your body for the extra energy.

This means simply put that you will feel hunger as your body adjusts to eating less, this means as uncomfortable as it is, you will have to learn and acquire the mental ability to not eat everything on your plate when eating at a restaurant, or if you do happen to go to a buffet, not load your plate until it looks like a heaping volcano.

You will also have to start out with exercise, this can involve brisk walking, if you have a two story home, you have the advantage of just being able to walk up and down stairs several times over and over, which will provide better exercise than if you walk three times that long around a block since you are actually building your thigh muscles and torso as well.

Akin your weight to an addiction, like someone trying to quit smoking, or pain pills, you will undergo many of the same emotional, physical and mental discomforts and difficulties as someone trying to quit those afflictions. It isn’t going to be easy, but if you have someone who is on-board with you and can work along with you, you increase your odds of success when you are not doing it alone.

-Justin Germino

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