Spending Time Drawing With Kids

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As a parent of two boys I really enjoy spending time with them doing various activities which include, lizard and bug hunting, wrestling and play fighting, role playing, and drawing. My kids both love to draw with colored pencils and often the three of us will just sit at a table and draw things for each other. We draw each other monsters, robots, aliens, creatures or whatever else our imagination can come up with.

One thing I do to conserve paper is take standard paper and cut it into quarters, this way I call them paper cards. I do this primarily so my kids don’t waste so much paper, they often draw several small shapes on a large paper, call it done and the paper is wasted. By making smaller sheets, they can draw the same amount and use up 1/4 of the amount of paper.

So today after doing my housework I spent a good 1/2 hour with the boys drawing, I drew a squid in the ocean, and a robot head and torso, while my oldest son draw a few dozen monster parts (he draws arms, legs, heads) and then asks you to pick which ones and he draws a final monster combining the parts.

My two year old will just scribble anything and enjoys just holding the cards I draw him and keeping them like prizes.

-Justin Germino

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