Programming Jobs Still Plentiful

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Despite the economy being what it is, there are still quality jobs to be found out there if you have the skill set and are qualified. Information Technology continues to increase in demand as web sites and internet technologies continue to grow, there are still plenty of programming jobs to find for people who have the appropriate skill sets. You can find specific jobs for Java, C, Python, Ruby, Perl, PHP and other programmers out there.

This is a good time to start teaching yourself programming, this is one career field that is almost completely hands on and can be self taught. You can read books, take tutorials and practice writing programs within a few days and weeks you will be ready to start writing some basic programs. If you work at it, you probably can work toward entry level programming within 6 months depending on how fast you learn and how much time you can devote.

When applying for programming jobs remember one thing, make sure that you have samples of your own work, and that you are experienced enough to be shown lines of code and functions and know exactly what they do as well as be able to explain various ways to accomplish something if asked “how would you do this?”.

There are lots of people vying for the same positions out there so you have to be diverse, competent and really know your stuff to stand out from other people trying for the same positions.

-Justin Germino

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