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In tribute to Michael Jackson I wanted to share my favorite Michael Jackson song, and then hear from my readers and fellow bloggers on what their favorite song is and why. This post could be like a viral chain of people sharing their favorite song story, and I am curious to see if it catches on.

As I as only a kid when Michael Jackson was really popular, I never got into the Jackson 5 stuff as I was not born yet, my favorite song of all time is Thriller (not original I know), but it was the stage in my life where I was about 7 years old and I was into B horror movies anyway (watched movies that no kid that age should watch) and I loved Zombie Movies, Horrors such as “The Thing”, Howling series…etc

When I first heard and saw thriller I was mesmerized by how cool the story of the video was, like many others it remains one of the best and most pronounced music video’s in my mind that I can recall clearly as one of my childhood memories of seeing it for the first time. The catchy beat on top of it all was excellent.

I would say my second favorite song is “Remember The Time” which also had a very good music video with state of the art special effects for its time, but the story behind the song was what I really liked. Even at an early age I had a poets heart.

So I want to hear from my readers and fellow bloggers, what is your favorite Michael Jackson song and why? Blog about it and I will link back to you here, or leave a comment if you like.


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-Justin Germino

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