Stomach Problems On Friday and Caffeine Addiction

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For some reason for the past two years I get plagued with periodic stomach problems, sometimes this is caused by stress, and sometimes food is a factor. I get these upper stomach pains which almost always lead to vomiting and weakness for the rest of the day. It seems related to my highly acidic stomach and my stomach cannot handle spicy foods anymore. Stress definitely makes me much worse, well as a result of these symptoms I was sick on Friday.

I had to miss one of my work meetings to spend fifteen minutes puking in my bathroom, afterward I was still able to finish out my day working but had to rest most of the night. I drank nothing but fresh bottled water the rest of the day and had a little bit of scrambled eggs that night since I felt some hunger.

I did however wake up with the worst migraine this morning at 3am, and had to take some ibuprofen. I realized that I had not drank any tea in about 16 hours and my body had zero caffeine in my system for almost 3/4 of a day. I don’t drink coffee, but I do drink about 3/4 of a gallon of fresh brewed tea per day, and that has enough caffeine that my body is dependent on caffeine. The migraines I get when I don’t have caffeine are extremely severe and don’t go away until I intake some sort of caffeine.

Ibuprofen does nothing, Excedrin Migraine does but that is because it has caffeine in each pill. Whats worse is that I don’t like that my body has such severe side effects just from not drinking some caffeine. There are other reasons you can get migraines too, I can get them from lack of calories as well which is why mine was a double whammy. Sometimes as a result of not eating (due to stomach bugs mostly) I can get migraines from lack of calories in my system, but usually if I am not eating, it means I am not drinking tea so more likely to be the caffeine omission.

Just another day of physical ailments like many people out there, but I don’t like being a slave to caffeine, and who would have thought that a non-coffee drinker is still addicted to caffeine?

-Justin Germino

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