Hot Summer Days in Arizona

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With the news reporting the U/V Index rising to 10 tomorrow and temperatures reaching and breaching 110 degree’s in Phoenix starting on Sunday, you have to make sure you are well hydrated. They say that if you drink coffee, soda or other drinks only about 50% of the liquid intake is valuable to the body, whereas if you drink pure water, 100% of the liquid goes toward hydrating your system.

You should always carry around a water bottle with you at all times, and if you are a company a good thing to do is to hand out promotional water bottles to customers and clients as a way to help people remember to stay hydrated and promote your company at the same time.

Its hot out there folks, remember to drink plenty of liquids and stay out of the sun for peak hours between 11am and 2pm, between those times the UV Index is highest and your risk of sunburn, dehydration is also the highest.

-Justin Germino

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