Iranian Government Will Fall or Change

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I usually don’t blog about politics too often, I do think that there are two sides to every story and nobody can really be 100% liberal or 100% republican, that most human beings have some opinions in each camp, and when voting are forced to side with one majority or the other. In fact, I don’t think there should be political parties at all and every politician should be independent and list their own core values without having to subject themselves to a full set within their party.

That being said there is a change in the world of culture and the internet has brought out a kind of ONE society that the youngest generations of the world are sharing, this hybrid culture is based on freedoms of speech and expression is one that several governments are doing the best they can to control and contain with limited success.

What is happening now in Iran is the precursor to a revolution, the people are rightfully tired of their voice not being heard and oppressed by the Government and the more this becomes a majority the likely it is that Iran will have an overhaul of their entire government infrastructure. It is all about numbers and pressure, the people making their peaceful demonstrations and political statements are only further opening the government up to negative exposure the more they try and control and squash the situation.

In the future, and I can’t say whether it will be near or far, enough people will have their voice heard that the existing leadership will have no choice but to either make changes and adopt more freedoms, or a single leader in the opposition will rise to prominence and be installed with the government being overhauled.

Obviously the rest of the democratic world is hoping this turns into a true revolution, one that US and other countries can financially back and lend support to ensure it can win and Iran can convert to a democratic nation. I don’t think it will happen in the next five to ten years, in my opinion I think this demonstration will cause an uproar but not enough to upset and cause major changes in the existing political infrastructure at this time.

Meanwhile, my thoughts, sympathies and support in spirit go out to our fellow Iranians and all others in regions oppressed who try to get their voice heard, continue to break new boundaries and find new ways to get around government restrictions. Leveraging social sites like Twitter and Youtube are brilliant idea’s and show that no matter how hard governments try, voices can find a way to be heard.

-Justin Germino

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