Weekend of Errands: Phobia Fighting

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It was a very busy weekend knocking off some long overdue chores and many of which were a result of the recent rainstorm in Arizona that devastated my landscaping in the front and back yards.  I had to cleanup damaged lawn furniture, broken pieces of wind chime and pull hundreds of weeds which seem to crop up overnight.  There were so many weeds in fact that I had to go to Lowes and purchase a weed sprayer with a self pumping spray and hose them down with chemicals.  I pulled maybe 300 manually, but there were thousands more.

Then I had to help my in-laws with a few errands, they had purchased a new couch to replace their old damaged one and this couch had a 36″ clearance on its shortest side, whereas their front door only had 34″ of clearance.  By squishing the cushions we were able to squeeze the couch through their door, but it wasn’t easy and took almost forty minutes of straining, pushing and adjusting to get it to fit through the door.

Last but not least, my in-laws had to put in a new ceiling fan in the master bedroom.  This ceiling is vaulted and they wanted a fan with overhead lights instead of just a fan.  My Father in-law is in very poor health and unable to climb a ladder anymore, this left the chore up to me.  I have a case of acrophobia (fear of heights) and I also get very shaky and uneasy on ladders if I go up more than a few steps.  Overcoming my phobia for at least the two hours it took, I dismantled the old ceiling fan (picture above) and installed the new one (forgot to take picture).

We celebrated by all eating at Chili’s for dinner.

-Justin Germino

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