Sex and Scrabble

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So the other day my wife decides that its time to play Scrabble with our six year old. I was busy trying to get my three year old to use the toilet (he is still potty training) and meanwhile my wife is busy teaching my son the basic rules of scrabble. We decide to forget the points and just have him practice creating words and building them onto the existing letters on the board and my six year old starts off pretty well with two and three letter words. My wife meanwhile plays the game like she normally would and decides to capitalize on an S already on the board and spells the word “S E X” while playing with my son.

Our son quickly asks mom, what is “Sex?” what does the word mean? Meanwhile, I am asking my wife why she would choose such a word when playing Scrabble with a six year old and couldn’t she have chosen a different word. If you saw the word above it it was “WET”, and I was thinking (while laughing to myself) that it looked like an X-Rated game of Scrabble for a second. Fortunately we dodged the bullet and weren’t ready to explain that word to my six year old, but the time will come soon enough.

Word of advice, when teaching your kids to play Scrabble be careful which words you use!

-Justin Germino

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