Family Affected by Economy

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I have had the blessing to be relatively unscathed by the troubling economy in recent years and have not really felt its effects until this week. However our family was recently affected by the economy which has put our family line under some hardship.

Part of the problem is related to the state of health care in this country which provides no insurance for anyone between poverty and retirement age and you are forced to get insurance from a company.  If you have a health condition prior to trying to obtain private insurance you are either rejected or paying far too high premiums.

I feel for all the people who put their lives and careers into a company to be shown the door or cut just a handful of years prior to retirement and no matter what you say about the health insurance coverage issues going around, there is a huge gap in health care and something needs to be done to take care of the people who are caught between the system. Unable to buy private insurance and unable to qualify for medicare, there must be something in between.

-Justin Germino

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