Running Barefoot Healthier Than Running in Shoes

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In an unusual article published on DailyTech titled Running Barefoot Better Than Wearing Running Shoes there was a study done that shows that runners who were barefoot had a completely different running style of front pad touch down first instead of heel first, as a result this put much less stress on the hips, feet and legs and lowered the chances of stress fractures and tears greatly.  I found some of the comments on the article amusing like “You mean bare feet actually are more optimal for the body than running in shoes?” you would think this is common sense as shoes were added to protect the feet from injury and scrapes from walking on ground.

Obviously runners can’t just jog or run in open sidewalks and streets without shoes, but this is something to consider when using a treadmill at home or if you are running on beaches or softer ground.  It is healthier on your feet and body overall to run on your treadmill barefoot than to wear shoes while using one. I myself use a stepper and since my feet never actually leave the ground I don’t think it will provide any specific benefit to my own exercising, but I should walk barefoot more around the house. My wife is always telling me not to walk with my shoes on all the time. (But I do it because we find two to three scorpions per month on the floor and I would rather be safe than sorry).

-Justin Germino

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